Comfort Food

The following recipe is something I’ve actually never seen online anywhere and I’ve never seen any fellow vegetarian/vegan’s write about (though I’m sure it is out there.. I still feel like the first to think of it).

Which seems odd to me since it is one of the ultimate comfort foods and so easily prepared. We’ve had this quite a few times in the past and I always wing it, but this time it was perfect so it’s now worth sharing as well as writing down!

The best part is this is a one pot meal which makes clean up so easy (which is so incredibly important after you’ve been cleaning up after a 15-month-old all day) and best for those hectic days/nights.

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Tom Brady and a Baby

It sure is a beautiful day to watch a bunch of dudes wearing tights try to wrastle each other to the ground, ain’t it?

Well, Emmy was up early today, like 6 am-ish and now here we are. Typically she sleeps until at least 6:30, and this lack of the extra half hour is definitely felt anddd probably contributes to why I feel the urge to post this unnecessary little blog post. I awoke to Kayleigh and the amazing little lady lying next to me, Kayleigh half-asleep, Emmy with diaper leaking… all over her mama. So, Kayleigh got up and grabbed a diaper, I stayed in the bed with Emmy, and she, herself just stared at me trying to figure out what in the hell we were up to. The diaper was switched out and the attempt at cuddling went on. It didn’t really last, though.

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Mama Monday: Bon Appetit

Hello! Mama Kayleigh here…


Today’s post will be a little different than what we started you off with during the first week of this blog.

Food is (of course) what our family revolves around in our house, as do most of Emerson’s and my days together, as well. We first started Emerson off with solids, baby-led weaning (BLW) style. It has been an awesome journey for her to experience a lot of different flavors and textures at such a young age! I highly recommend this approach if you are considering starting solids with your child, though she does love some pureed food once in a while, too! No matter what you choose, food is what your life will eventually revolve around. I am here to give you an easy meal that no one in the family can turn down!

Side note: we are raising a tiny vegetarian human; a compassionate, loves to kiss every dog and dog (cat) she sees, vegetarian. However, you can make all of our recipes vegetarian, vegan, or  meat-style (Hell, let’s be honest, I’m a vegetarian, I don’t know what you meat-eaters are called.)

Last night we had one of Emmy’s favorite dishes:


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