Emergency Rooms

The initial sound of blood-curdling screams you can’t actually process. Once the second breath is taken, you realize something isn’t quite right.

Usually, dinner is a pretty uneventful but enjoyable time. Emerson bloves to eat and dinner is her favorite time. I love to give her food because homemade food equals love. 99/100 times I usually sit next to Emerson and feed her her dinner, replenishing her plate at her every little sign of “more”. Tonight, Josh sat down next to the little babe and started things before dinner was fully ready because Emerson was extra hungry and eager to get this show on the road.

That’s cool. Dad’s need time to bond with their babies, too. And moms can always use a break where they don’t have to pay attention to anything but the food on their plate.

We (Emmy and I – I later find out that Josh hadn’t eaten a single bite because he didn’t have a fork) start eating and talking with my parents about who knows what now, when all of a sudden it happens. It really didn’t register for a second since I wasn’t right there like I always am.

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Comfort Food

The following recipe is something I’ve actually never seen online anywhere and I’ve never seen any fellow vegetarian/vegan’s write about (though I’m sure it is out there.. I still feel like the first to think of it).

Which seems odd to me since it is one of the ultimate comfort foods and so easily prepared. We’ve had this quite a few times in the past and I always wing it, but this time it was perfect so it’s now worth sharing as well as writing down!

The best part is this is a one pot meal which makes clean up so easy (which is so incredibly important after you’ve been cleaning up after a 15-month-old all day) and best for those hectic days/nights.

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Mama Monday:

Alright, alright… alright.

Here I am again, pretending I know how to cook… Which, in all reality, I don’t. I have, however, learned a lot from my own Mama over the years. She is an excellent cook who can make most anything and she makes it pretty damn good.

One thing I can almost guarantee is that your toddler (and you) will love this next featured entree.

I was going to post about my world famous potato soup, but since Emerson completely rejected the delicious soup I slaved over for hours and hours, I decided to go with something else I threw together in 15 minutes that she devoured.

I promise to post about my soup another day.
I promise that one is usually a crowd pleaser.
I promise it is even my mom and my grandma’s favorite meal I know how to make. Like I said—world famous.

Today we conquer: Chicken Avocado Sandwiches


Now that I’m reading it out-loud, what we are making, it really doesn’t sound too impressive. Just stick with me though. It will become a new staple in your vegetarian cookbook!

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Mama Monday: Bon Appetit

Hello! Mama Kayleigh here…


Today’s post will be a little different than what we started you off with during the first week of this blog.

Food is (of course) what our family revolves around in our house, as do most of Emerson’s and my days together, as well. We first started Emerson off with solids, baby-led weaning (BLW) style. It has been an awesome journey for her to experience a lot of different flavors and textures at such a young age! I highly recommend this approach if you are considering starting solids with your child, though she does love some pureed food once in a while, too! No matter what you choose, food is what your life will eventually revolve around. I am here to give you an easy meal that no one in the family can turn down!

Side note: we are raising a tiny vegetarian human; a compassionate, loves to kiss every dog and dog (cat) she sees, vegetarian. However, you can make all of our recipes vegetarian, vegan, or  meat-style (Hell, let’s be honest, I’m a vegetarian, I don’t know what you meat-eaters are called.)

Last night we had one of Emmy’s favorite dishes:


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