Trying Something a Little Different…

Hey there! If any of you are still here… we know that you haven’t heard from us in a little while, but life is hard and blogging every week is tough… but we’re doing something just a little different at the moment and would love if you checked it out.

This here is a link to a video shot two weeks ago at an awesome ghost town in Nevada called Nelson. There are a couple more videos up on the channel and we hope that you watch and enjoy them.

We know it’s not blogging, and, at the moment, it’s not vlogging, but that may happen sometime soon, so keep up! It’s just a new medium to tell our stories and it’d be great to see you all over on the channel! Like and subscribe so you don’t miss out!


Inner Artist

Living in Vegas, it can be difficult to get outside in the blazing sun. Especially when your kids’ skin is as pale as the background on this webpage. I slather her in sunscreen before every outdoor activity – which is a 20-minute ordeal, of course, but it never seems to be enough. There is zero shade here, and basically zero grass… Oh yeah, and her attention span is still all of about 30 seconds.

SO I created a space for her to create in the garage. It isn’t much, and mostly just consisted of moving all our things out of the way, and it still gets too hot in there some days. But it’s better than nothing. We get natural light in from the side door and a nice breeze when we bring the fan. We used the new space for Emerson’s latest painting this past week! She had a blast and mostly painted her/myself, of course. Everything she creates is so beautiful and pure because she has no intention and has no care of the end result. That is a true beauty that us adults will never know.


I’m constantly getting caught up in my own head when I’m creating. It’s a constant battle of not feeling good enough or worthy. Nothing turning out right or perfect. Letting go of the idea of perfect is even harder, especially if you are a Virgo (those damn stars).

Emerson doesn’t mind though. It doesn’t even cross her mind. So she creates.


Soon we will be posting her originals up for auction, to go toward her college account. We’ve started her an Instagram where we will be posting all her new art. Feel free to follow her account, @EmersonCreates, to keep up with all of her latest paintings and see how she evolves over the years. We are so excited for her to start this new project and to be able to contribute to her future.


Xoxo, Mama Kay

Think of the Children

Alright, so this post is probably going to be a little on the sad side, but this is sort of how I feel right now about the world in general, and about the future that I have to raise my daughter in. I’d like to be able to be worry-free, to be confident in the situations that I need to put her in in the future, and to say that I’m completely comfortable letting her out of my sight to do the things that a normal child needs to do. But I’m not.

I’m sure you all understand what I’m talking about, but let me give you an overview of some things that have happened too close for comfort in my life. These things were terrible at the time and are now even scarier considering things like this happen more and more often these days and the fact I have to send Emmy out into the world and risk her safety when shit is literally hitting the fan.


My Tales

When I was just eight-years-old, I was living in Broomfield, Colorado, and I had a pretty happy, unfearful childhood up until this point. I remember vividly coming home one April afternoon and the news was on in my house. I remember hearing the sadness and fear in the newscasters’ voices and seeing the reruns of children fleeing their school with their hands upon their heads, seeing SWAT teams attempting to get those kids out and to safety with their rifles drawn. I remember the horror of learning about what had happened and the realization that human-beings could do such terrible things to each other, and so close to me—only a few handfuls of miles to the south of me, actually. I’m talking about the Columbine High School Massacre on April 20, 1999.

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