Road Trippy

Today I’m going to talk to you about what it’s like to take a baby on a road trip/car trip/any kind of trip and things that you should remember.

First – you’re going to need yourself and your baby. If you’ve got that, you’re already partially there! Look at you go!

Golden Gate

Second – you’ll need some toys. Babies love toys; I don’t care who you are or who your baby is—I bet they love playing with toys! Kids need distractions when you’re on the road, so if you give them something to occupy their hands and mouths with, it can be a big help. It doesn’t take much, really… Emerson would most definitely be fine with something as simple as a water bottle for an extended period of time. The point is, just bring some damn toys, and a variation of them so that your kid doesn’t get bored too fast. Pack the whole darn toy chest if you need to, okay?

Peruse On…


Bones in Ya Mouth

Alright, so I’m going to focus on a different topic today, which seems to be the case for every new post I guess… but yeah, today’s going to be about teeth. Whose teeth? Emmy’s teeth, duh! Who else’s ya weirdies?

K, so Emmy didn’t have any teeth for a long time, like nearly eight months long. She actually got her first tooth on the Fourth of July, so it’s pretty easy to remember. Anyways, this girl was literally like a super old grandma for a long, long time and she had nothin’ and she just gummed stuff, okay? Then the Fourth rolls along and she gets the one tooth and we’re all like, “Yay, finally, you got your first tooth!” But it didn’t stay the happiest of occasions for long.

Cute Baby

Fast forward like two weeks (maybe less than that, I don’t 100% remember) and she’s got another tooth pokin’ through! At that point, we’re like, “Okay, cool, you’re finally steppin’ it up with your tooth game!” Then another tooth came in. And another. Then some at the same time. Over and over she got teeth. It seemed like she was getting new teeth every few days there for a while!

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