It’s Not Over, There’s Just a Slight Pause.

I’m sure that those of you that read our little blog have noticed that we’ve been away for just a little bit now, but the thing is, it’s not over.

Kayleigh and I aren’t done writing on the blog after the fifty posts that we’ve written (yes, this is post number fifty!), things have just gotten even busier lately. I know, I know, we said that things were going to get better with posting and not worse, but stuff keeps popping up (that we knew about) that aren’t allowing as much time as we had hoped for, at least for the time-being.

We were gone for like, five days in Arizona visiting my family and that took up some of our time, and sad to say, we weren’t able to keep up while we were gone because we just needed to try and enjoy our time there rather than stress. When you’re with family, you want to spend your time with that family, rather than on the computer, so I figured it was okay to skip this while we were there.

Then, I started school again and found out that this semester is going to be a little more intense than I’d even realized. I enrolled in summer classes to get in-state tuition and to try to knock some credits out quickly, and that’s really what all of this is: quick. I’ve got a total of sixteen days in class to complete Psychology, so there’s a lot of reading and cramming going on and it’s taking up a bunch of time. I’m also doing a full English class in six weeks, so bear with me. Those of you who have taken summer college classes can understand how little time I have, especially with working and spending time with the family as well.

Now, with me being gone so much more—like from 8-ish AM to 7:30, and then having homework to do once I get home, and an Emmy to help get down—Kayleigh has more on her plate with Emerson as well. She now has to basically be Emmy’s soul caretaker and she doesn’t get a break. At all. Ever. She’s doing fantastic though and is rocking it as a mama, and I’m so proud of her for doing what she’s doing. She’s, as I’ve said before, a total rockstar and is holding down the fort while I’m off trying to fit a million things into my brain every day.

This is parenting. This is the real shit. Life is a struggle. We carry on.

Talk to you soon.


Atta Girl

I would just like to share a proud dad moment that I got to have today and to some of you, I know it might not be a big deal, but someone may understand!

Emmy is getting so big and doing so many cool things these days but yesterday, she peed on her big girl toilet six times! Four were before I was even home from work and then two more after. She is doing amazingly well at communicating what she needs and is understanding the concept of using her potty and not going in her diaper and it’s amazing!

The cool thing about all of this is that she will let you know something is up and that she needs something by making noises and when you ask her if she needs to go to the bathroom, she shakes her head yes or no and then she either goes or doesn’t. She’s gotten very good at using her head shaking and nodding to let us know whether we’re on the right track or not and it’s quite incredible to me how well she understands language.

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Here’s a little story about an umbilical cord situation. Don’t know what I mean by that? Get to reading then, silly!


Are we ready for some more blood? Not nearly as much as in the last post—the bloody, gory, unexpected c-section—but just a little. I foresee lots blood, booboo’s, butts, and beers* (just kidding) in my future considering I now have a small child to care for—a tiny, uncoordinated, little drunk of a child—so you’re going to have to bear with me from here on out.

It was approximately six days after Emmy was born; my mother, sister, her boyfriend, and my brother were still in town, as were Kayleigh’s mother and stepfather. So, Emerson and I were in the living room, everyone else was kinda just dilly-dallying around, probably bored out of their minds because it was raining outside and we couldn’t really take a new baby anywhere. I’m sure they were eating and talking away as well because my family be hungry and they never shut up. I love you guys.

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