Baby Sicknesses

With babies, not all is peachy one-hundred percent of the time.

This may seem obvious but I think that even us parents forget it sometimes. You may go hours, days, or even weeks without your little one having any problems, but then that one extra hard day or that super rough night hits and you remember really quickly.

Emmy is suddenly sick. It’s not life-threatening or anything, but I guess we don’t really know what it is as the doctor that Kayleigh took her to yesterday didn’t test her for anything or give her anything to help her get better. I guess it’s better than them just writing her a prescription after barely looking at her, but they could have at least tested her for the flu or something, right?

You see, two nights ago, not long after we put Emerson down, Kayleigh and I were passing Emmy’s bedroom door when we began to hear strange noises… it almost sounded like… vomiting. I’ll bet that you’re clever enough to figure out what was going on. We rushed into the room and found our tiny baby holding herself up with her tiny arms over a puddle of puke and attempting to catch her breath.

When your baby is sick, it’s sad and it’s not fun for them, and it’s rough for you and your sleep and your life, and it just sucks. Especially with them not able to communicate and let us know what they want or need, or even just how they feel. I wish there were a way to better understand Emerson’s needs both in normal, everyday life and when she’s not feeling well. The language-barrier thing is tough, but soon enough we won’t need to worry about that anymore; Emmy is cruising into talking and a vocabulary to impress!

Anyways, she finally got her breath and Kayleigh got her changed while I changed the baby’s sheets. We then took her temperature as she seemed to be running hot; sure enough, she came in at over 101 degrees and that’s when we knew that the vomiting probably wasn’t just a freak accident. She slept for a while last night and then woke up so Kayleigh brought her into our bed. Emerson then, at around five-in-the-morning, decides she needs water, so Kayleigh gives her a sip from a water bottle and then… choke, cough, choke, bleghhhhhh. More vomit.

She hasn’t thrown up since then and hasn’t run much of a fever since then but she had a really rough day and had a tough night last night.

Now, I’ve noticed that I’ve been unable to handle the stress of the nighttime crying and her deciding it’s time to get up at anywhere between 12 and 5am. She’s only been sick two nights but she’s been digging a good party overnight, on-and-off, for a little bit now. I have the hardest time in the world getting her to sleep after extended periods of time and then her waking up, even more alive and energetic, five minutes later and us having to start the process over again.

Now, nights have never been my strong-suit and I want to talk about that in another post sometime in the near future. It was just extra stepped up for me last night for a time and yes, I know that Emerson is sick, but I just have a very large weakness when it comes to nighttime and all that jazz and I have a really hard time with that. I don’t want to have that fault and I’m working on it. This a**hole changes slowly.

I’m sure a lot of you parents know what I’m talking about though, as I’m sure you all have weaknesses in your parenting as well, but all I’ve got to say is that being a parent is hard. I think we’re all allowed to have our weaknesses and our downfalls, just as long as we’re willing to work on them, to better them, for the good of everyone involved!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Talk to you soon!


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