Mama’s Day

I know that this isn’t a Mama Monday considering I’m not Kayleigh, thus this must be Daddy Monday! No, Kayleigh just had a busy day and didn’t get a chance to write her post, and considering I was bad about my post on Saturday, I figure I’ll just post today.

Happy Mother’s Day (again) to this amazing mama!

Baby Boat

Our Mother’s Day started out pretty much like any other day—we were trying to get some sleep this morning so that we didn’t die and Emmy woke right up, just on time to start the fun! Typically, Kayleigh is faster than me to hop out of bed most days and get to Emmy and begin getting her on her potty and her teeth brushed and such, but today, it was my turn. Don’t get me wrong, letting Kayleigh sleep in a bit was part of the plan, but I also think that she basically put her foot down in bed and let it be known that I’d be the one going. Seems fair.

I got up with Emmy and we did her pull-up, did her teeth, and began hanging out in her room for a little bit before breakfast. Not long after did the Mamama make her appearance and then the day was truly begun. We went downstairs and brought Emmy’s Meme her flowers and Mother’s Day gift and Kayleigh got hers from her mama! Flowers, flowers, flowers.

We then made Emmy some breakfast and did our normal morning routine of getting the baby fed and drinking coffee to be able to get moving. When Emerson was done eating, we took her upstairs to try to potty again (this happens a lot when you have a potty-training-aged kid) and then we went back to her room for books and festivities, ie. making a mess, destroying shit, hurting herself and us, etc.

The hot mama then went to shower and Emerson and I just hung out and did our thing and then, once Kayleigh was done, out of the shower, and almost ready, I showered. When I got out, I quickly got semi-ready, we got Emmy dressed, then we went outside and got some pictures of three generations of LeVeck blood. And then it was time for Colleen and Kayleigh to leave and Emerson and I had a little snack time and then I took her upstairs and put her down for her nap!

The hard part was done. Or was it?

When Emerson woke up we did more potty stuff, got her dressed and ready, gave her lunch, then when we were about to walk out the door… you guessed it… another pull-up change! So we took our shoes off, went upstairs, got changed, came back down, put our shoes back on, and then finally got out the damn door to go to the park! Sorry.

The tiny and I made our way to the cool park close to us and there we played for about an hour, and when I say played, I mean we pretty much just climbed the stairs all the way up to the big slide and did that over and over. It was a blast. My kid is rad AF.

Kid Park

It was then time for the park time to close and for us to head home, which we did, and then we cleaned up, ate a snack, played for a bit, made dinner, ate dinner (a burger, a whole tomato, and sweet-potato fries), and then went upstairs and got the baby in the tub. Emerson loves baths, so this was like the easiest time I had while she was awake all day and I just got to get her cleaned up and then sit back and chill while she played. This is where mom came home, which made things even easier because I was no longer on my own!

All-in-all I’d say that it was a pretty good day, for Emerson and I at least! We had fun hanging out together—which we always do—and I really do surprise myself on the days where I have to take her on myself. I’m always nervous beforehand doing it all fully on my own, but then I do it and I remember that I’m a dad and that that kind of stuff really does seem to come naturally.

I know that Kayleigh and Colleen (Meme) had a good day, just the two of them, doing whatever their little hearts desired, so I’m just going to say that today was a pretty nice success and that Emerson really does have some great ladies in her life. They all ended the night together with a nice bedtime story and some sweet baby kisses.

Bedtime Story

Now, all we have to do is see her Naunee and her Aunt Jourdan and the Mother’s Day circle will be complete. May 30 and we will be seeing them in Arizona!

Until next time, my friends. Thanks for reading!


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