I Swear I Haven’t Forgotten…

I swear I haven’t forgotten about the blog…

I know, I suck, and I have no real excuses except for a weekend long, Friday through Monday, Bachelorette party (that’s what Vegas is for, right?!), but otherwise it’s purely my memory’s fault here.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to post about this for months now, so here it is…

Joshua and I have been together for six years. Count ’em. Six… We’ve had twelve birthdays between us, six Christmases, six New Years, six summers, six winters, and six anniversaries.

In these six years, we have never had ANY professional photos taken. We barely even have non-professional photos together. Plenty of really bad selfies, though, and a couple good ones.

I know you are thinking “How is it possible for two people so good-looking to not have great pictures together?” Am I right?! Just kidding… But seriously, I have wanted to have photos taken for a long time, but it’s something we have never invested in and now that we can’t invest in them – I want them even more.

I was having these strong, intense, angry feelings about the lack of photos in our lives. Like if we died today, would anyone even know we were real in 100 years? There is no physical evidence. Only the internet. Which is SO over-rated in my book.

You know when you go through old photos of your great-grandparents and their kids, your aunts, uncles, all these special moments that you can feel? It’s important to have that.

Well, Rebecca must have felt my need and vibe out in the universe. She is a wedding and couples photographer from Portland (what are the chances?) who was traveling to Las Vegas and she wanted to do some shooting while she visited – completely complementary to us for our time and faces in a beautiful Vegas.

I tell you; my heart just broke. Not in a bad way, in an amazing way. That someone would gift us this opportunity that we’ve never had before. Maybe this sounds dramatic, but investing $1k into photos just wasn’t in the cards for us. Rebecca made our little dream come true.

Now when the day actually came, I can’t even describe what we actually went through to get these photos. Vegas – home of the blazing sun, decided it was a day for clouds, darkness, rain, and hail. Oh, and it was below 35 degrees… in the middle-of-nowhere-desert… so that was interesting.

However, you would never know from the beautiful images Rebecca was able to capture for us.


I know we will never forget the crazy experience of having a photoshoot in that type of extreme weather, and we will never forget how unamused Emerson was with the whole ordeal, too.


We will forever cherish these photos and in 100 years people will know we existed! (As soon as I take the time to actually print them out)


I am eternally grateful for these moments Rebecca captured, as I’m sure you can tell by the huge smile on my face in one of the last photos taken 🙂

Xoxo, mama Kay



  1. Thank you Rebecca for making my girls little dream come true! You two look so amazing in these photos. They are truly stunning. You’ll always have a story to tell on the day you had these taken. Now I just need to pick which one I want! ♥️



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