The Every Parent Post

This post is your basic, every parents post about their kids because I think about this a lot. So here we go.

Every parent thinks that their kid is “the shit” or the cutest or the smartest, but what happens when your kid truly is totally beautiful or actually the most awesome or is the smartest of all the babies that you know? Is it wrong to believe that about your own kid because you’re totally biased? Do you tell that kid that they’re the smartest or the prettiest and build up some weird expectation for them where it messes with their entire lives and self-esteem someday? What do you/we do with those kids?

Baby Pizza

I wonder this only because of my own (more than likely biased) views of Emerson. I truly do think she’s the cutest, most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen, as does Kayleigh, but is she really? Are we seeing her as more adorable than she is because we’re her parents? I’m sure because every parent thinks their baby is the cutest.

Then we move on to Emmy being—pardon my French—the shit, and this one I don’t doubt for a second. Yeah, I know that I’m her dad and all, but Emerson is one bad baby and if you know her, you know what I mean. Your baby ain’t got nothing on her.

Finally, we move on to the whole smart thing. I honestly, truly believe that Emmy is the smartest child I’ve ever come into contact with. I believe in my mind, heart, and soul that she is quite the brilliant little mind, but don’t all parents think that their kids are so smart? She just blows us away with all of the knowledge she already possesses within her and the vast amounts she learns every day, but come on; do all babies begin using the real potty, and their big girl, training potty, by their own choice and desire to, at around a year-and-three-months old? I don’t feel like that’s the norm, but what do I know?

I know that many parents can concur with what I’m saying here. I bet many of you are thinking, “Yeah, my baby should be a baby model” or, “My baby’s brain has got to be huge,” but if we’re all thinking it, who is actually right? Whose baby is, in all reality, the cutest and smartest and how do we know? And what do we tell them as they’re growing up? Do we build them up with how we truly feel about them or do we tell them, “Yeah, you’re pretty cute, but you’re nothing special,” to keep them from getting an inflated ego or from developing some self-image issues?

Maybe we could come up with some kind of baby Olympics where they all get tested at like one to two and are already walking and talking a bit and then make the best compete… We could figure out this whole thing pretty easily, I think! Hmmm.

Adorable Emmy

Well, until Wednesday!



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