A typical morning is happening over at our place.

Emerson is running around, stealing the remote controls, changing all the settings on the TV. Shes over at the record player, turning the dials and blasting music to only be disappointed by the music being too loud (she understands turning the dial up but hasn’t completely grasped that the dial can also turn the music down).

She smacking the dog in the nose while Josh and I try to explain to her that she should be nice to him and give him a good-morning kiss, instead.
She’s chasing Tuffy around trying to grab onto his tail mysteriously whipping back and forth.

Josh is trying to get out the door while I try to decide what to make Emerson for breakfast this morning – my first challenge of every day.

It’s a typical morning but there is nothing to complain about. Soon we will go into the backyard and I will try to keep Emerson from falling into the pool while she tries to get me to turn on the hose for her. She loves the water. We will pick up some rocks, examine them, throw them into a bucket and probably water our flowers and strawberries.

When it’s time to go inside, Emerson will scream like I’ve just shanked her with a real rusty knife because nothing is as good as being outside. Especially not a nap. We will probably sneak in some coloring or painting before the dreaded nap time is upon us, and of course a couple books.

Heres to the typical morning. Which isn’t so bad.

What does your typical morning look like?

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, as we did.


Xoxo, Mama Kay


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