Emergency Rooms

The initial sound of blood-curdling screams you can’t actually process. Once the second breath is taken, you realize something isn’t quite right.

Usually, dinner is a pretty uneventful but enjoyable time. Emerson bloves to eat and dinner is her favorite time. I love to give her food because homemade food equals love. 99/100 times I usually sit next to Emerson and feed her her dinner, replenishing her plate at her every little sign of “more”. Tonight, Josh sat down next to the little babe and started things before dinner was fully ready because Emerson was extra hungry and eager to get this show on the road.

That’s cool. Dad’s need time to bond with their babies, too. And moms can always use a break where they don’t have to pay attention to anything but the food on their plate.

We (Emmy and I – I later find out that Josh hadn’t eaten a single bite because he didn’t have a fork) start eating and talking with my parents about who knows what now, when all of a sudden it happens. It really didn’t register for a second since I wasn’t right there like I always am.

My mom rushes over and seems very panicked and that is when it finally kicks in. The baby is hurt and actually hurt.

Emerson, being the wonderful, amazing, rad tiny human that she is, loves animals. She squeezes the hell out of Tuffy every time she can get her squirmy little hands on him, she runs over every time Chago takes a drink of water to make sure he doesn’t make a mess on the floor, she ‘lets Chago outside’ every time he needs to go to the bathroom. Well, this also includes a love for feeding Tuffy and Chago treats every chance she gets… and food the pets can’t have is even better.

Well this one particular time, Chago couldn’t tell the difference between the spiral noodles she was sharing from her dinner plate and the finger of a tiny baby. Hence, the screams.

We don’t hesitate and hop directly into the car to go to the ER. Even if nothing is broken, dogs teeth are known to break easily and small pieces of bone that you can’t see with the naked eye can become stuck in the skin after a bite. Also, there is always the obvious risk of infection.

Josh drops Emmy and me off at the door of the Emergency Room while he goes to park the car. As soon as I walk into the Hospital the most amazing man helps us immediately. You really get top-notch service when you have a kid. He interrupts the lady he is helping for “Mom.” He gave Emerson a stuffed Kangaroo with a baby Joey while he helped me sign in on the computer. They immediately take us back once Josh enters the building and a nurse comes to talk to us right away.


Emerson is able to move her hand and the finger that took the major hit so they aren’t too worried but definitely want to take radiographs per the reasons listed above and to rule out the possibility of a fracture. Emerson does great for her x-ray and is a hit everywhere she walks (she came in naked and walks around all night in an oversized sweatshirt with tiny boots on – can she get any cuter?!) 

They clean up the blood finger and then the true fun begins… waiting. Don’t worry, Emmy filled her wait time with plenty of hospital exploration, smiling, waving, flirting with the workers, wondering why a lady was screaming her head off, snacking (courtesy of Mémé and Papa Steve!), and getting into things she shouldn’t be getting into.

After our long 2 hour wait, the doctor finally came back to let us know tiny babe doesn’t have any fractures and is good to go! This is music to our ears since it is way past bedtime and we have hardly eaten a thing all day.

The first ER visit with your kid is a scary one, but I’m so thankful ours wasn’t anything serious or life-threatening. We are very lucky Chago realized what was happening in time before any major damage was done. Hopefully, Emerson won’t be feeding any dogs without help again anytime soon!

Xoxo, Mama Kay


*Updated to add that Chago is the BEST dog and so good with kids. He would never hurt Emmy on purpose, ever. This was 100% not his fault. Everyone is doing well after the incident and Emerson isn’t scared or intimidated by Chago at all – which was my main fear after. She got up this morning and immediately wanted to give him a treat❤️



  1. This was a scary event for sure but I’m so glad Emerson is okay and she still lives “Doopey”. You are such an amazing mama Kayleigh. Just the best! ♥️



  2. I’m glad Emmy is ok and isn’t afraid of Chago. She’s so sweet and we miss her and the rest of the family. Love you all! 💜



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