Bones in Ya Mouth

Alright, so I’m going to focus on a different topic today, which seems to be the case for every new post I guess… but yeah, today’s going to be about teeth. Whose teeth? Emmy’s teeth, duh! Who else’s ya weirdies?

K, so Emmy didn’t have any teeth for a long time, like nearly eight months long. She actually got her first tooth on the Fourth of July, so it’s pretty easy to remember. Anyways, this girl was literally like a super old grandma for a long, long time and she had nothin’ and she just gummed stuff, okay? Then the Fourth rolls along and she gets the one tooth and we’re all like, “Yay, finally, you got your first tooth!” But it didn’t stay the happiest of occasions for long.

Cute Baby

Fast forward like two weeks (maybe less than that, I don’t 100% remember) and she’s got another tooth pokin’ through! At that point, we’re like, “Okay, cool, you’re finally steppin’ it up with your tooth game!” Then another tooth came in. And another. Then some at the same time. Over and over she got teeth. It seemed like she was getting new teeth every few days there for a while!

Now, I know this sounds fabulous to some of you because we didn’t have to walk around carrying little baby Gums McGee anymore, but trust me, it wasn’t. Yes, it was cool that she finally had teeth. It was really cool, actually. Kayleigh and I would have been able to enjoy it more… if we ever got any sleep! Seriously, does anyone reading this have a teething child or have you had one? Man, this shit is rough. She has not stopped since they started coming in and I’m so tired! WE are so tired. Teething causes all sorts of problems from crankiness to butt rashes to anger and beyond, but by far the worst, in my opinion, is the lack of sleep.

This girl has not been sleeping regularly since eight months on, and it’s been a killer. We don’t know if her eight-month sleep-regression just never ended and she is a freak baby, or if it’s her teeth. I have a feeling it’s her teeth though because every time she gets a new tooth now her sleeping gets a little funky. She’s definitely gotten better than when she was a bit younger but man, she is a tough cookie on us when it comes to sleep. She’s a tough cookie in general for powering through all her teething, but I mean she’s put us through the ringer.

She’s getting new teeth, or maybe just a tooth, right now and I’m praying her sleep is okay this week. But kids are crazy and they’re crazy tough. I just wanted to keep you all posted on all of the beautiful teeth the girl has! She had eight when she turned one, by the way. She has *drumroll* twelve teeth right now and she’s working on more! God help us. God save our souls. I love her so damn much but her teeth are going to be the death of me! And in a few years she’s going to lose these and get new ones and then I’m going to have to worry about braces and gum disease and everything else that one has to worry about when dealing with their children’s mouths because dental hygiene and a clean mouth are super important and I don’t want her to have problems that I could have taken care of and… okay, I’m just kidding, I don’t really have a point here, so you can breath… now. Gotcha.

Baby Teeth

That’s all for today! Hope you will all join me on Wednesday! And keep an eye out for Kayleigh’s post coming on Mama Monday!



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