Best Books For Mini Females

There’s a plethora of amazing children’s books out there — and there is also a massive amount of really lame children’s books as well. I’m here to help guide you to choosing a very special book for a very special, tiny lady. Whether this is for your own daughter, a baby in the family, or a friends new arrival, these books will be cherished by parents and kids alike, forever.

Compiled below is my list of the best books with female leads to help support your mini female (or male) into being the strongest, bravest, her-est, she can be. Enjoy!

My First Book of Girl Power
By Julie Merberg

girl powerThis book makes the list because it is Emerson’s favorite book. She has 3 books that she pulls off the shelf every. single. day. and this is always the first. We read it every day, and she never gets sick of it. In Julie’s book, she goes over every female superhero in the DC lineup, and what makes them special.

Feminist Baby
By Loryn Brantz

Fem baby

This is the cutest little Disney book out there. Teach your little lady to feel empowered; brave; equal.  Let her know being female does not make her any less relevant. Show her the future is female! With the cutest illustrations that always make me giggle, this book never disappoints.

Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day
By Jamie Lee Curtis 


This book is absolutely fantastic for when a little one starts going through emotional times. Whether they’re two or twelve, this will help them understand their feelings and let them know that you understand their feelings, too. It’s okay to feel silly and sad. This was actually a book of mine that I have now passed down.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be
By Emily Winfield Martin


My all-time favorite children’s book and all-time favorite children’s writer. Emily Winfield Martin is especially close to our hearts since she is a Portland writer/artist. I have never managed to get through this book with a dry eye. It was fate from the moment I read it (and then immediately purchased it).

I Like Myself
By Karen Beaumont

I like myself

This book is a close second for favorite children’s book ever. It has amazing illustrations and a fantastic message that every little girl needs to hear and know. I seriously cannot rave about it enough. DO NOT pass this book up — your girl needs it!

xoxo, mama



  1. You always find the best books! I love that Emerson gets to enjoy the books I loved reading you as a little girl. ❤️ Love you both to the moon! 🌙



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