Indulging Without Emmy

This post is similar to what Kayleigh wrote on Monday—her Blissful Friday post—and I figured I could build off of that a little and delve a little deeper into some of the things we do when we have a little time away from Emmy.


The first thing we do is we miss her. I think it’s kinda a given for parents to miss their kids when they’re away from them for even a short time, even when said kid is just upstairs sleeping in another room! You get sort of used to the little devils being around and things can seem pretty still, too still even, when they’re not. So yes, the first thing we do—pretty much always—is we miss the little girl—even when we’ve just left her upstairs.

With that out of the way, I’m going to tell you about things we really do, when Emmy’s not around, when she’s away from us, out of our presence you may say… so here we go.

One big thing we love to do is read. We both truly enjoy cuddling up together on the couch or in bed with a good book and reading away. I, myself, enjoy anything by Stephen King, David Foster Wallace, Dan Brown, Jack Kerouac, Hugh Howey, George Orwell, so on and so forth, forever. Kayleigh loves anything young adult, especially Ellen Hopkins (her all-time favorite) or Lauren Oliver. She seems to dig any young adult though and will lose herself in a teenie tale any day. There really is nothing better than opening up a book and losing yourself within its pages for a few hours. If you’re one of those people who hasn’t cracked open a book since high school—or possibly even before that—you’re so missing out, and I’d suggest attempting to devour some literature! Reading is by far the most favorite little pastime that we enjoy together and we’d suggest it to anyone or any couples looking for something really quite nice to do.

Black Cat

We do also enjoy a TV show here and there. I love movies but Kayleigh is not a big fan. She can get really into a TV series, but she doesn’t like cinema. I only repeat it because I don’t understand how it works at all,  so don’t ask me how it makes sense; I’ve been trying to figure it out for years. We can definitely binge on some Netflix and sometimes Hulu, though, and that’s where we find most of our television watching’s seeing as we don’t have cable and haven’t for years. Some of our more recent favorites have been: Stranger Things, Atypical, This is Us, Shameless, Orange is the New Black, and we did start a new one the other day that seems pretty good called Everything Sucks! TV is one of our guilty pleasures, but we truly do try to avoid it as much as possible. Emmy gets very limited TV time and that really helps us to limit our own, but we do love ourselves a good ol’ binge.

We do love to just spend time together talking and I feel like we do that pretty often. It’s nice sometimes to just hang out together and talk, just chat about anything really, and enjoy each other’s company. We are lucky enough to love each other quite a lot, and with that comes a want to be with each other a lot, sometimes without much distraction and deep in discussion. Now, I did say “without much distraction” because most times our phones do make it with us and we are guilty of looking at Facebook, Instagram, and other things on our phones as we talk, although we do try to minimize that when we can as well.

We love to drink coffee together, we eat together, we nap together, we listen to music and sing along together. There are lots of other things but those are some of the main ones. Every time we do something, anything, together though, there is the whole missing of Emmy going on, on both sides. Kayleigh does tend to miss her a little more than me when we’ve only been away from her for a short time, though, and there have even been times where we’re just downstairs from Emmy and Kayleigh starts crying because she misses the little girl so much. It’s quite cute and I guess that’s probably just a normal mama thing!


Well, there you have a short little list of things that Kayleigh and I love to do together on the occasions where we aren’t responsible for chasing a little monster child all over hell and keeping her alive. There are many other things we do, this is just all I can think of at the moment.

Here’s to all you other parents out there: may you get a few minutes away from your children in the near future.

And here’s to everyone else: enjoy your motha f***in’ time before you have yourself some babies!


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