Five Things I Love About my Daughter

This here is a little appreciation list—five of my favorite things about Emerson at the moment. She is my tiny, adorable, best baby friend and I think you should all know about some of the cuteness that is my little girl. So without further ado…

1. Her beautiful, goofy little smile. Every time she sees us, the dog, the cat, her grandparents, random people, her food… the list goes on and on. Emmy is a smiler. She has a gorgeous little grin and a mouthful of teeth and it’s one of my favorite features on her cute little self.

2. Her curiosity is unmeasurable. I love how incredibly curious she is and how she just wants to know what everything is/does. It can be tough sometimes because we chase her everywhere, but it’s so amazing to watch her learning and loving life. She loves to learn—what parent can ask for more?


3. She loves animals. It is so cute to see her reactions whenever she sees an animal, be it a cat, dog, horse, pig, peacock, etc. She lights up every time she sees anything furry or fluffy and it’s so cute. She flashes one of her cute smiles and gets giddy as all hell whenever she sees her brother, our cat, Tuffy. She kisses him and can’t contain herself most of the time and ends up hitting him because she’s so excited… but he still loves her. She’s an animal lover and it’s pretty beautiful.

4. Her sense of humor is incredible! For being one, she is so funny! She also has the perfect comedic timing and I don’t know how! She seems to understand that she’s funny too and I’m pretty much positive she thinks that she is hilarious. Which she is. If you know Emmy in person you’ll know what I’m talking about. She’s gonna be a hilarious little kid and a hilarious adult, I can feel it, and I’m looking forward to the rest of my life knowing she’s going to provide me with many a laugh throughout.


5. Her innocence is so darn cute. Don’t get me wrong, she can be a cheeky little girl, but she is so just pure and innocent and sweet and it blows me away. She knows when she’s being a shit sometimes but I know her motive for being said shit is that she’s a baby. A teensy, tiny, chunky little baby who does her own thing and doesn’t have any real bad in her. She’s so perfect and funny and so very clearly huge-hearted and I love it. She’s mine and Kayleigh’s little angel.


There ya go, just five things out of an infinite number of things that I love about Emmy. Hope you all enjoyed. It was a very fun thing to think about. What better way to enjoy a morning than by sitting and thinking about how cool a kid you’ve got and drinking a nice, big cup of coffee. I’m going to go and give her a hug now; I suggest you go hug the nearest baby to you, as well. As long as it’s not a strangers baby. If you do end up hugging a stranger’s baby, without their permission, you may want to get a lawyer. Just sayin’.


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