Mama Monday: Blissful Friday

Let’s talk about bliss.

A perfect day is bliss. Yet, every day is technically perfect when you are still here. Still living. Still have your friends, your family, your support system. Even when things aren’t great, at the end of the day, life is somewhat perfect. But when you get something extra special, is when you encounter bliss.

I’m talking about an extra 30 minutes.

This was my Friday. Blissful.

While I sit here, eating my perfectly fluffy pancakes drenched in butter and syrup, reading 28 pages of my overdue library book—


Emerson sleeps…

This morning, Emerson slept in. I woke up at 7am and was confused. I was also trying not to get out of bed, because why would I pass up a perfectly good chance to catch up on some extra sleep? If you don’t know me in real life, you probably are unaware that sleep is my favorite hobby. I will do anything for more sleep. Hell, I could spend all day in bed if it wasn’t for my job: Mama.

It was a struggle. A back and forth battle in my mind but I finally pried myself from beneath our warm covers and ran to the bathroom. Joyful. I knew this was my one chance to sneak a shower in.

I know it sounds so small. So trivial. Maybe it sounds like common sense. Obviously, you should wake up before your kids if you want to actually get ready for the day. It’s just not always that easy when your children get 11 hours of sleep and you only get 8 (don’t judge me, I need 9+).

Because of this blissful 30 minutes, I was able to:

Do three loads of laundry… and, I actually folded a load. I made those beautiful pancakes. I drank two cups of hot coffee. I read 28 pages of that overdue book. I hung up a picture on our bedroom wall. I emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it. I cut my bangs which haven’t been done since November. All while Emerson took her first nap. Which sadly, only lasted 1.5 hours…

Don’t worry though; I did all of this while still in my pajamas.

Because after all—I am still a stay at home mom… I won’t be giving up that uniform just because I showered.



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