Top 5: Baby Booty

It’s another Mama Monday and today I’m here to discuss the top five best products to have on hand for your baby’s booty!

You will be spending more time than you ever thought possible staring at another person’s butt, so you might as well make it the best experience possible with these five products.

Number 5: Coconut oil

Coconut oil will be your best friend the first few days your little one is living earthside. It works amazingly to get the lovely black tar (that no one ever told you about) off your little angels bum. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google “meconium.”

Coconut oil has lots of other benefits that you can use over the years as well. Emerson’s doctor suggested coconut oil before the bath to hold in her skins natural oils and prevent it from being exactly like the desert we live in. Most people use coconut oil as a moisturizer after the shower, which works well too. A barrier cream is another great way to utilize this magic oil. Slather baby’s butt with this after each diaper change to keep rashes at bay.



*The only thing to know is to be sure and purchase virgin, unrefined, or cold-pressed coconut oil sold in glass jars, never plastic.

Number 4: Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

Speaking of diaper rashes, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is by far the best diaper rash cream we have used. Speaking specifically of the maximum strength one in the red container. This has saved Emerson’s butt more times than she would like anyone to know.

If you’re ever dealing with a super difficult rash that just doesn’t seem to be going away, give this guy a try. It worked when nothing else did, not even prescriptions creams.

Number 3: BabyBum Brush

Now, I don’t know from experience because I purchased this handy gadget as soon as I knew of its existence, but having thick goo all over your fingers and under your nails sounds like a nightmare to me. Introducing, your new best friend. The Baby Bum Brush. This allows you to apply those lovely diaper creams at no expense of your fingers.

You would think something so lame wouldn’t be so awesome, but I promise, this is a must-have for every parent.

Number 2: Travel Changing station

This trusty travel kit is perfect to keep your diaper bag organized with everything you need for a diaper change all in one place. It’s also great for a quick trip and so that you don’t need to bring a giant diaper bag, but anything could happen out there, so you gotta be safe.

We have used the Skip Hop brand and really liked it, but will try one that has a spot to attach a toy for a distraction next time around.

Number 1: Parasol Diapers

Now, if you are looking for the softest and best quality of diaper for your baby (and don’t mind spending a pretty penny to get it) look no further than Parasol. They offer cruelty-free, vegan diapers that contain no harmful chemicals or ingredients as well as none of those harsh allergens. Did I mention how adorable their patterns are?


Even if you can’t afford $70 a month on diapers, splurge once when Amazon is having a sale. Sometimes it is nice knowing how people on the other side live.

There ya have it! The top 5 products for all your adorable baby booty needs.

Thanks for reading. I’m Mama Kayleigh and I’ll talk to you all next Monday! XOXO


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