Tom Brady and a Baby

It sure is a beautiful day to watch a bunch of dudes wearing tights try to wrastle each other to the ground, ain’t it?

Well, Emmy was up early today, like 6 am-ish and now here we are. Typically she sleeps until at least 6:30, and this lack of the extra half hour is definitely felt anddd probably contributes to why I feel the urge to post this unnecessary little blog post. I awoke to Kayleigh and the amazing little lady lying next to me, Kayleigh half-asleep, Emmy with diaper leaking… all over her mama. So, Kayleigh got up and grabbed a diaper, I stayed in the bed with Emmy, and she, herself just stared at me trying to figure out what in the hell we were up to. The diaper was switched out and the attempt at cuddling went on. It didn’t really last, though.

Mama got out of bed and threw on some pants, which I didn’t enjoy but I GUESS she has to wear them, sometimes. I just wanted to stay in bed all day and skin to skin with my ladies but that is just the dream. The two beautiful ladies headed into the little devil’s room and I attempted to close my eyes for another two seconds—welllllll, that didn’t last long as the monitor was on and Memmy (yet another nickname) decided to yell something to her mama, which sounded as though she were right next to me and it nearly made me take my morning pee in the bed.

So I got up, I made my way into the babies room to join my two gorgeous girls, and Kayleigh’s mother, Emmy’s Meme, came in to hang out too. We are now downstairs, Emmy is eating, Kayleigh is feeding her, the in-laws are watching Meet the Press, and we’re all waiting for the Super Bowl. Emmy ate a fried egg on toast, by the way. A good little breakfast for a perfect little baby. Now she’s going to get a bath, get all cleaned up and ready for the game!
Mother and Daughter

Now,  if you don’t know me, you won’t know that I don’t give a flying F— about football.  Yep, that’s right, I don’t. Kayleigh’s stepdad does, as does her mom, a little at least. Kayleigh cares to an extent as she lived in Vermont for a few years and of course she has to root for the cute quarterback… Emmy, though, I’m sure, will love watching the big game! She’s dug football on tv before, (although we try to limit her screen time as much as humanly possible) though she seems to be particular to basketball… meaning she’s not my kid.

I am a hockey guy.

Anyways, I doubt many will care how we’re spending our Super Bowl Sunday, but I figured I’d put out a little update and wish everyone a good day, a happy day, a SUPER day! Let the best mo’fuckin’ team take the cup… er, the medal?… the trophy? Jesus Christ, I don’t care. Let the best team win!

And here’s a bonus picture of my two incredibly beautiful ladies practicing up on their words.

Mama and Baby.JPG

They’re obviously rooting for the Patriots, in case you didn’t catch my drift. Better check the balls before the game is what I say. I’m done.


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